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abandoned characters

i have this character who used to be the main point of my daydream. like, she was my "main" character for like, 3 years. last couple of years though i focused more on her friend and her friends, so i hardly ever daydream about that character anymore. like, she makes an appearance occasionally, but it isnt the same. I cant even daydream about her anymore as much because im too into my new daydream. but then i notice i have alot of characters that i forgot existed.  i feel like i should…


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i know alot of people have said they've been in love with a character, but have you ever had love for a child in your daydream?

im not in my daydream, but my characters (in the future) have children and i daydream about their relationships with them often.

i dont know, i love them alot (in a parent way or like a sibling, not a pedo way LOL) 

Like, im 17 and i dont have kids or anything but i feel like i know what its like to be a parent

i just want to play with them ahhh…


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character outfits 2

i like this one cause the clours are pretty 


i hardly daydream about this character anymore but ses still important…


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