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whats the point

i am so awkward. i cant handle situations. I just cant. i really try and i can never handle soical situations.

I got a job recently (i only think i got the job because he pretty much hired me n the spot and didnt interview me and saw how awkward i am)

im a food runner at a restaurant, so i bring food to the tables. I have to talk to the peoplwe and say what the food is. i was kind of scared at first but i started feeling really good about it ad thought i was doing a good job.…


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over daydream

do you ever just daydream so much in one day, that you cant do it anymroe and your head feels weird and youre trying to daydream but its difficult??? sometimes my head hurts or my jaw hurts if i daydream too much (is that weird?) im having the feeling right now. 

just some thoughts

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i havent been on here in a long time. theres a lot more members since the last time i checked lol! Im in college now and have to go to class in 2 minutes so I just wanted to say...hi c;

I have been trying trying to see md as a hobby, is that weird? idk im like, writing little things down that are important about it, im trying make more activity? idk, to do after im done i dont fail. cause in high school it distracted me alot and i didnt do so well. i still…


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