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willing to do the unthinkable

i want to tell my day dream to someone. i want to vent it out to someone but i dont want too to friends anymore because they dont understand.
but I only want to if you're going to tell me yours back so its not awkward
i wont tell *zip*
if your willing to do the unthinkable with me, inbox meee

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why would you say that

i was in writers craft the other day. i was sitting with my friend whom i told my daydream to when we were drunk. i had writers block for my assigment and i said to her "hmm..give me a name"

she says "kelly"

that is one of my main characters name. why would you bring that up. why would you say that name. i dont know, maybe its not a big deal but i feel embarassed for telling her and i told her thay. i mean, she obviously said that name because of my character

its not…


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trying to write character bios

ive said ive wanted to write before but i havent gotten around to it. I thought a good way to start was writing out character bios. I know some people on here are writers and im sure writing a character bio for you would be easy, but its so hard for me. Its just weird to write out. it feels embarrassing kind of. if anyone read them i'd die. its taken me 20 minutes just write down the characters first and last name. now im procrastinating by writing a blog on here. I think if i start writing…


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meeting one of your celebrity-based characters in real life

ok so, i dont know if i wrote it on here or on tumblr, but I said I wanted to go to toronto on the day of the toronto film festival because kristen stewart was going and i wanted to see her in real life because she looks like one of my characters (i think that sounds lame, but im not obsessed with twilight or anything, she just fits my character really well)

so my friend and i skip school to go to downtown toronto to celebrity stalk (lol we met john goodman ahaha) and we had no luck…


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