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IQ and MD.

Hey, I was wondering if there was a link between MD and IQ. Since I'm always looking up things about psychology, I looked up characteristics that are often associated with having a high IQ. I've never taken an IQ test and the one I did only had 10 questions which I got a 9/10 on but still I don't think a small online test like that can really tell me my IQ. Anyways, I was looking at characteristics of "gifted" or people with high IQs. And I found that a lot of the characteristics applied to…


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These days I realized that I've been feeling anxious and plain paranoid in situations that I shouldn't be feeling these things in the first place. I haven't hung out with one of my bestfriends for a long time since she does have a lot of work this semester. But today is my mom's birthday and yesterday last minute I planned to make cake for her and surprise her at 12. So I called my friend last minute, somehow convinced my mom to let me go at night to her house. And that's where I made the…


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