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Relief in sight

So yup, I have ADHD and will be getting better meds to cope.  Hoping this shuts off the dreaming so that I can finally be free.

Confirmed for moderate to sever depression and anxiety, but that I already knew. Hoping that getting the ADHD and MD under control will alleviate this.

I also show symptoms of borderline personality disorder. This took me by surprised but I guess it's so, and will be going to therapy to correct certain symptoms.

So yay,…


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ADHD testing: the answer to everything?

I have been going through ADHD testing.

I have my final appointment on Thursday to discuss the results.  The psychiatrist said that while she couldn't officially say anything yet, my patterns are very conducive to ADHD symptoms.

I had also told her about maladaptive dreaming.  She had never heard of it before, but said she'd look into it.

I'm so hopeful that this will help.  Maybe some people can make it work but I just can't.  Maladaptive…


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roommate just caught me pacing

this has never happened before in the 3 years i've lived with roommates. i was pacing in circles around the kitchen (and it's the middle of the night) and my roommate walked in and i scared her so badly. it basically looked like i was charging right at her (even though that's not what i was doing at all). in my mind i'm just pacing, but to anyone else it looks and sounds like i am running at full speed and stomping my feet very loudly (i know this from my mom). i am extremely embarrassed and…


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Right... Haven't Been Here In A While

As from the title, yes. I am doing research on MD for my book I am writing. One of the characters has it. She is Guin, and she is twelve years old. I was trying to create her based off of my experience, but that wasn't enough. I am glad to get the word of the disorder out there. It is real, and people need help from it. I mean, I love daydreaming, but I hate the way it has affected me. I write due to it, but I lose time and stuff. At least, I get to do something. Though, I think my parents…


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Escaping reality for awhile

This random thought crossed my mind today. Isn't everyone guilty of trying to escape reality? We go inside our minds and create stories and different lives. 

Other people escape through gaming for hours or binge watching tv shows or films and people escape into books using them to take them into another  world. I sometimes feel I would drown in reality without my daydreams and worried why it was I couldn't cope but I am beginning to think everyone feels the same need to escape but…


Added by SJ on November 20, 2017 at 4:16pm — 2 Comments

''knowing the condition makes a difference''

i'm a recent member , i have this condition as long as i could remember...unlike some of you who wants to keep Md for life ,i want to completely get rid of it .It stole what could have been the productive years of my life. Although I'm super thankful i discovered when i did about the conditions, I tend to think avoiding Md and its triggers is a working progress and it will take a lot more than reading an article or blogging about it to reverse its effects on our actual world. I ''self…


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The need to act out my daydreams (pacing)

I have a habit of acting my dreams out while I daydream. It is nearly impossible for me to daydream about something without acting it out. If I'm walking in my daydream, I pace (mostly because there isn't enough space to walk in a straight line indoors), if I need a shower, I daydream about showering (usually a plotline going on that I focus on) if I am sitting and need to daydream, I work my daydream around me sitting. If I start off on a daydream where I need to walk, the urge to get up is…


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So this is my first ever blog post - like ever...

So, obviously, i am a maladaptive daydreamer, but up until a while ago, i didnt even know what that meant. At the very beginning , i didnt even know that i was different. I daydream a lot, i always have, and i would hear people apologise and say they were daydreaming when they weren't paying attention - i didnt know that their daydreaming was different from mine.…


Added by Ella on November 7, 2017 at 10:43am — 4 Comments

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