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Multiple 'seasons' in daydreaming

For the past, like year and a half (I think) I've had one continued daydream in one continued universe. However, I've split the daydream into 3 parts (kind of like skins, with different generations) each with multiple seasons and 'episodes' (though these are less defined) in each.

The daydream itself has become a complete addiction- annoying, yes, but not so much that I actually want it to stop. Through each generation the characters change slightly, as do the situations and even the…


Added by Barney Hartnell on August 31, 2014 at 10:10am — 13 Comments

I Can't Believe She's Been Dead for a Month

My mom died exactly one month ago from today, and it's really blowing my mind. 

I can't believe that just over a month ago, I was living in a different universe. My mom woke me up for school every day, made me all my meals, got me everything I needed and wanted, did my laundry, decided things for me, ruled my life. She was my main parent. I was never close to my dad, though he is and was in my life.

Since she got sick and died (she was only sick for a week before dying), I've…


Added by Rachel on August 31, 2014 at 9:52am — 2 Comments

i want to live..........,!

I seriously dont know anything! I dont know what i want. i just dont know what im doing. i dont even feel like asking God for death. i just know that time os going by. I used to enjoy daydreaming when i was left alone......when my mom went to office! i would do everything on tym. from getting up early in the morning to finishing my studies inspire of daydreaming. my mom has now retired from office job and is usually at home 24x7. And i dont think i need to explain after this..........i cant… Continue

Added by Simran on August 31, 2014 at 9:26am — 1 Comment

Daydreaming Is Killing My Creativity

I mentioned this as a comment on someone else's blog.  Daydreaming is strangling the life out of my creativity.  I paint, I draw, I write, I cook, and I even used to sculpt.  The stories I write are so different from the daydreams I create.  The former is art (I'd like to think); the latter is soap opera.  It's junk food.  And when all you eat is junk food, all you crave is junk food.  You lose your energy, you become sluggish, you know you need to eat some asparagus, but instead you devour…


Added by Gwenevere on August 30, 2014 at 8:24pm — 12 Comments

My Last Attempt at Medication and Psychiatrist Results Part 4 [ADD and MDD link?]

Hi! I'm back.

So with school starting and homework piling up on my desk ... I have gone to see the psychiatrist... again. 

So, this time I came back with more confidence and he told me to get myself tested for ADD : Attention Deficit Disorder. He prescribed me Wellbutrin, which is similar to Adderall but not as intense and it also treats depression. 

[First time in 2012, being so new to MDD, my psychiatrist and therapist thought I was schizophrenic with OCD and…


Added by Snapplez on August 29, 2014 at 1:45pm — 4 Comments

MDD - A disorder with no cure?

Ever thought of the consequences or effects MDD has on your life. It can really effect your life in a major way you can't imagine. Preventing MDD at it starts should be one of the steps anyone should take as he/she comes to know about it. Many people don't even know about this disorder and there aren't many preventing measures for it. MDD really changes your life. I am also suffering from MDD and I didn't knew about it for the first year. It really impacted my life. It created a lot of feelings… Continue

Added by Moin on August 29, 2014 at 11:19am — 2 Comments

Am I the only one?

There are many members here and people over the net who are trying to stop Daydreaming. I have came across videos, articles, etc on tips to control and eventually stop daydreaming. Still I often wonder is there anyone else who just does not have the desire to stop? I am aware that MDD can be a burden, hard to control, but still I can not find myself having the desire to stop. I know part of the reason I do not want to stop is due to the addicting effects of it. There is also the fear of…


Added by 4everlost23 on August 26, 2014 at 8:39pm — 9 Comments

Overprotective of MDD

By now I have seen countless videos of people describing MDD, and also acknowledging that they have it. First off, my hats off to these people. I can't bring myself to admit to people that I have MDD, mainly because I am afraid of what people might say as far as negative things, or judgements. Don't get me wrong not that it would hurt my feelings, but I would take it personally because MDD is what has saved me. It is the one thing in my life that protected me from the horrors of reality, if…


Added by 4everlost23 on August 26, 2014 at 8:28pm — 4 Comments

Celebrity Maladaptive Daydreamers?

So I have often wondered if some of the best artist/top guns in their field are/were MDDers? I am positive that through out history many famous artist had MDD. Often times, I wonder what it must have been like for them centuries ago living with MDD. Edgar Allan Poe, and Mary Shelley were both thought to be weird and strange by most in their time. Today, we understand that it was their artistry and that they were just ahead of…


Added by 4everlost23 on August 26, 2014 at 8:18pm — No Comments

I feel you but I don't see you..

I was just reading through some posts on here and one that I was reading was talking about what point of view do you daydream in. I usually always daydream in a third person omniscient point of view and I realized that the reason I do this is because I have NO IDEA what my main character looks like. Actually, I have no idea what anybody looks like in my day dream, in exception of one character because she's a real person that I've known for years but even then when I daydream I don't really… Continue

Added by Patra Sealey on August 26, 2014 at 6:39am — 3 Comments

poem on stopping negative daydreaming

so a little intro as to where this comes from: I experienced extremely violent and negative daydreams for about 6 years now. i know many people like their daydreams and more power to those people, that is not the case for me though, mine consisted of rape and torture and made me sad and depressed feeling, they took overly life and i hated it miserably.  i just recently moved into college and have managed to make my new home on campus maladaptive daydream free. its…


Added by Becca on August 25, 2014 at 4:13pm — No Comments

hollo im new here

hey after doing some research i found out i have md so far i have a hole lot of triggers and finding way to fix this is road fulled with all type of things. its very hard to do this day after  day to say in reality i know the difference between what going on in my head and what happen in the real world but i can stop going in my head.i smoke cannabis and it help to keep me focused but for how long...........


Added by Mikhail Frith on August 24, 2014 at 4:54pm — No Comments

I might have cancer...

I might have cancer. How am I to react? Am I to be fearful? With whom shall I depart the world with? Shall that occurrence be the end? Shall I simply meet dead and rot in a hole? How wholly obscure! For now I lie in bedding sheets, only my pillow comforts me. My eyes have learned to wear glasses, my face is thinner now, my cheek bones are most prominent, my hands shake weakly, my weight drops quickly, I grow ever tired, what do I do? There isn't much. The Steves grow. Yes I'm an oddity who hast… Continue

Added by Mишка (Miska) on August 24, 2014 at 2:16pm — 3 Comments

dark inside _______

I am feeling from a very long time that I have a very low self esteem. I am not consistent , I have lack of planning and I am a complete person of failure . I feel that with the passage I am completely lost in real world. Nothing new , nothing interesting .I never get interested in any activity and if I take any interest I lose my interest very quickly

 I am feeling that I am drowning in water and there is no light , no hope o courage only pain and depression .No one is going to help…


Added by Silla Bakht on August 24, 2014 at 9:14am — 4 Comments

does mdd cause problem in reading a lenghty lesson or reading a story?

I am a student and I ' m 19 years old I have suffering from this since my childhood.I am usually day dreaming abut love , pride,success and it's rare that I think about any fictional charac ter.

Anyways it is not any important thing what I want to know about from mdd community is that  dd cause any hurdle in reading because I am suffering from this and it's really difficult to concentrate in studies :(

Added by Silla Bakht on August 24, 2014 at 8:27am — No Comments

Blurring the lines

fog1 The line between reality and something else. I can tell when my illness is getting worse. Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder is an illness, not an excuse to waste your life fantasizing about what you will never have the will to try. But to me it is most diffidently an illness. Does the depression come from the worsening MDD or does it cause the depression? I don’t know. But when you walk outside and the…


Added by greyartist on August 22, 2014 at 4:26am — 6 Comments

MD suffering

Hi, for as long as I was 13, i enjoyed making up stories in my head, then I would start running and making faces.  My parents laughed at me, friends thought i was crazy and i was bullied and humiliated. I thought it was ok since I would use it be a great writer someday. Now I am 26, still running and talking to myself and dreaming about manga and tv shows. I don't have the talent to be a writer and my dreams are nothing more than rehashed versions of tv shows and characters from manga. I am…


Added by jessica neema on August 22, 2014 at 1:08am — 3 Comments

My Thoughts on my Quickly Changing Life

I'm fifteen and I  lost my  mom, who was my main parent, late last month. It's been an insanely fast-changing last few weeks, with everything as small as my allowance and as big as  my home and family is changing drastically. I've written two small little things about my experiences which I would like to share with you guys. These things are very personal, so you better feel special.

The first thing I'll show you is something I wrote today in my Creative Writing class. It was a…


Added by Rachel on August 18, 2014 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

I'm scared.

I think I could quit this whole daydreaming thing.  I've quit it before.  Well, sort of.  I had one foot in the wagon and one off, and performed awkward jumping jacks in that position.   

But I'm scared.  

There are three poles in my existence, and I pinball from one to the other: anxiety, depression, and daydreams. Anxiety scares me out of the daydreams.  Sometimes the anxiety feels like a savior, because it feels good to care about other people. 

But right…


Added by Gwenevere on August 17, 2014 at 1:30pm — 3 Comments

I'm back!

Wednesday morning I had another Nissen Fundoplication (stomach wrapped around my esophagus) to correct GERD (AKA Acid Reflux Disease).  I appreciate all the support and well-wishes.  I'm told it went well.  I had another reaction to the anesthetic.  It was nothing dangerous, but I just felt horribly itchy all over and had to be given medicine for that.  I had the same reaction to the pain med, but at least I remembered to take down the name of it, so if I need pain management again I can…


Added by Cordellia Amethyste Rose on August 16, 2014 at 5:56pm — 7 Comments

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