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How MD ruined my life

Till the age of 5, I hadn’t been daydreaming. Life was disgusting till then. My parents, who hated each other, fought like wild animals. This trauma forced me to cut myself off from the world — the reality — I live in. There was no source of joy left. I lived under a constant threat of another conflict flaring up in the house and under this situation, how could I be satisfied with anything?

Then came the television into my life. I was never fond of it, but once I saw an episode of a…


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July 30th, 2018

Hey guys, so it has been a little while since my last post, so just a quick update before I go through my daydream of today... Sam and I couldn't be happier right now, we're both excited for school, mostly because it means seeing each other more often, and we are not yet official but I think we're just waiting for the perfect time in person. Anyways, on with the entry...

So some background just to get the idea, Sam and I are both in military families, our dads have since retired. We…


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MD is a drug

Hi , It's been so long i haven't had any interaction with people anymore that i feel nervous right now typing this.

MD started when i was 6 years old and it keep on getting worse and worse. When i was 13 , i was humiliated by my school crush in front of my class and i decided i have to change. My weight was 80kg and i cut it down to 68 ( only sports no diet) ,i felt proud of myself ,but the sad part is that i have to do these things all on my own,  got no friends to brag about  or to…


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When your dreams are better than reality...

Have any of you reached the stage where you just want to quit reality full time and totally live in your daydreaming?

Just moving from one daydream to another or a continuous stream of fantasy?

Books, movies, cartoons, fanfiction, real-life people or incidents can enable your dreaming. I've read comments on here that say that people know it's harmful and they are not truly living or doing anything with their life but they don't care. Don't want to stop. Well, I don't want to…


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DREAM- For those of you who want to live in a dream

DREAM~Imagine Dragons
In the dark, and I’m right on the middle mark

I’m just in the tier of everything that rides below the surface

And I watch from a distance seventeen

And I’m short of the others dreams of being golden and on top

It’s not what you painted in my head

There’s so much there instead of all the…

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Thought this song might help some of you. It's so relatable to MD. Here are the lyrics~ https://youtu.be/385ULKbiyBo Just Getting By- Tenth Avenue North Oh, when we were born When we first arrived We…

Thought this song might help some of you. It's so relatable to MD. Here are the lyrics~


Just Getting By- Tenth Avenue North

Oh, when we were born

When we first arrived

We took it all in

Through innocent eyes
But we got jaded, 'cause the beauty…

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Addiction? Mental Illness?

Does anyone on here consider MD to be a form of addiction?

I do.

I'll even admit that it's slowly ruining my life... but I don't want to stop. It has taken over, filled a void in my life and I fear and know that without it I would not be able to cope.

It is not innocent but it is my crutch, my security blanket. It didn't start out this way though. It creeps up on you. I use MD to cope with real-world problems including depression, anxiety and feelings of…


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I discuss my life situations, but only in my MDD

Whenever I want to express how I feel about my life situations, I discuss them with imaginary friends, because they actually listen to me without getting snarky. I find that real people don't understand my form of language or they're like "Then, do something something about it." Actually, real people wonder why I've gotten into that situation in the first place, or they can clearly see what's evident, snip at me what's going to happen and what I better do in future. It's as if in…


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It shows

I don't know how you guys do it! I try everything to conceal my day dreaming. I will put on startled, worried, wary or perplexed expressions to hide it. I'll even move my eyes around and bite my lips. People will still look right at my eyes and maybe even into them! I guess, they still wonder what goes on in my head. If I make a slip up at home and even work, people will think, 'is she wondering?'

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Best Online Media Player Applications You Should Be Looking At This Year!

Are you yet whining in the works for the Windows Media Player that has shown the call a halt to of Windows 10 OS? Or when than later than again pissed off that Windows Media center is no longer part of Windows? Don't be vexed, because the depth 5 set at an at a floating dissolve media players for Windows 10 is here. It's the high period to divulge an all deviant. Although Media Player is yet running in a description to Windows 10 and is however to hand to download from Microsoft you never…


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I've never left home, maybe MD

I've never moved out in my whole life. And I mean, on my independent own. I've have honestly never left home. I don't know if I should blame it on my maladaptive day dreaming. Has anybody had this problem? I'm 32 years old and have lived in the same house for 26 years! I didn't do too well in school and had countless jobs. It's just, maybe my DD interfered with things too much.

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July 15th, 2018

Hey all!

I haven't been having maladaptive daydreams in a few days, but I just experienced one today. The guy I'm currently seeing is going to be away all week camping with his scout troop. He actually didn't tell me when he was coming back, just gave me a general "a few days" and "a week or so" and said he wanted to surprise me, which is making me worry more about him being gone. Sam couldn't bring his phone with him where he's going, so I can't even be in contact with him. He left…


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Deixando o DE

Oi... meu nome é Jackson

Sou novo no grupo

Já faz mais de duas semanas que eu não sonho acordado por longos períodos. Estou parando com esse vício antes que ele acabe comigo e comece a afetar minha vida.

A primeira semana foi bem desgastante e perturbada, minha cabeça doía muito meu sono está afetado eu acordava várias vezes no meio da noite, eu estava com o comportamento de alguém que estava deixando um vício em alguma droga... estava muito agitado indo para lá e… Continue

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Just a bit about me and my daydreams

Hey everyone!

I'm new here, so let me introduce myself!

I'm Hannah, a high-schooler currently residing in the great state of Maine. I am in the top tenth percentile of my grade at my high school and I am the only girl to be taking two college-level classes (AP Calculus and AP Stats) at the sophomore level of high school. I am extremely shy, but I was lucky enough to attract a great guy and I am happy with my life at the moment, but I have struggled with stress, anxiety, and…


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MDD on your Brain Power

Has anyone's brain power got better or worse since they started maladaptive day dreaming?

I notice my cognition needs vase amount of improvement and is slower in comparison to my teens. I'm only in 30's, though it isn't as fast and strong as it once was.

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Did MDD Impact your Real Life?

Has MDD effected your life to an extent it doesn't look as great as you planned? I expected to be independent by 25 or 30 and take on a job in a company, even do some traveling. Apparently, all my goals backfired, and I ended up living with parents and working in a job I don't care about. Also, I couldn't afford to go anywhere for years, and still can't today.

I wanted to take it on the economy and everyone's views on millennials. Though, I'm pretty sure everything didn't work…


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