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stopping maladaptive aydreaming

I have been trying to give up on maladaptive daydreaming and something which I noticed was whenever something started going wrong I instalty started to daydream so what I am trying to do is when I have a problem I try to stay in reality and so far it is helping.

For about aweek I have been listening to affirmation saying  "I dont maladptive daydream anymore"  which I recorded and I listen to it every night during my sleep  so it could be that.If anyone wants me create some subliminal…


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Floating in that in between phase where I'm not fully committed to a DD scenario. I hate not having a scenario to invest my time & mental energy in. I've got several good stand-buys to choose from but I'm not feeling emotionally linked with them yet. I feel like I'm alone & am unsure how to rectify the matter.

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'What do you think? Will this do?'

'What? Yeah its pretty good, you are actually overdoing it at this point.'

'I need it, the extra points, what about you, are you done with yours?'

'Ah well nope.'

'Hey you told me you were going to complete it last night.'

'What can I say? I was in the mood of something else apart from work last night.'

'Does it have to do with K again? Aww..you still think about her. How cute.'



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md going away...

What is the subconscious mind?


What are subliminal audios?


So what I did was I downloaded audacity recorded some affirmations saying the I don't have MD anymore etc. and put it on very low volume so it would directly go to my…


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Does anyone find that practicing mindfulness helps to reduce their MD?

Somehow, beating all my expectations, I've managed to practice mindfulness everyday so far this year. 15 days and going strong! Normally my MD/procrastination kicks in, as it does with everything, and I just don't get around to doing it.

I find that sitting still and trying to be mindful is really hard. It's just so difficult to still my mind and just be. I use a couple of apps on my phone. My mind is so…


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I don't know If I want to stop

When I was younger, I would always tell myself that if I didn't like something, I could just leave. Like, if someone was bothering me, or I was bored in class I could just space out and be somewhere else for a while. It's been so long, and my daydreams have gotten so complex. There is a whole world in my my mind, and I really love it there. But, it scares me too. I spend hours just staring at the ceiling daydreaming. And when I'm not dreaming, I'm just waiting for a free minute so I can return.… Continue

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First person who i've told.

I'm a blab. I like to tell people about their christmas presents before they open them. I like talking about the interesting things, sometimes their relevant sometimes  their secret. But i have a need to express myself, i hate bottling myself up like this. 

This has been so hidden from view even i could't see i had a secret. My sister has caught me many times talking to myself, smiling into the distance laughing at something my characters do or say. She knows i'm a little crazy, i can…


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First entry - Fools gold

I am doing this because i feel like it will be good for me. I know i got MD through a form of protection but now i'm too bubble wrapped by it and it's suffocating. It's why i've been depressed and anxious and have fear of social events. What i do is i imagine my idealised self- i imagine people complimenting me and how great my work is- i picture fun evenings with friends i don't have (even though i do, their all just far away) I picture myself with no worry and full of happiness. I used to…


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New year, new changes


I just signed up to Wild Minds Network. But I've had MD for oooh, 23 years. Scary. And scary that I'm getting older... Not that I knew that it was MD for most of that time. I just thought that there was something wrong with me. Mostly that I was lazy and useless, as I could never get out of bed and get anything done because I was so distracted by my daydreams. 

So it's the start of 2017. I've never like New Year's Eve (it's sort of like compulsory fun and I've…


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