I go by Andi.  The last friend I had was in 4th grade I think.  I started with MD before then, though, but it was mostly confined to recess at school, and when I was alone at home.

My friend (we'll call her Eliza) liked to "play" with me, like I was her toy.  I remember being confused about the things she wanted to do and talk about, but I went along with them because I enjoyed the attention she gave me, as I had no one else.

After she left for a private school, I withdrew further.  That's when it really took off.  My mind filled with fascinating people who loved to spend time with me, and over the years, through high school, "my world" grew exponentially.  Soon I was there more often than I was "here".

This is still often the case.  I have had trouble holding down a job over the years, have dropped out of school multiple times, and have ruined several potential friendships with people.

If you can relate, message me.  I'd be glad to have someone to talk to who can relate, if we can relate.  That seems to be the problem for us.


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I can relate a lot. I have dropped out of college twice now. Sometimes I meet people and hang out with them, but since I am bad with conversations, they don't invite me to things and I don't know what to invite them to. I had friends in school but after I graduated, I just didn't keep in touch with anyone.


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