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Hello! I thought I should be the first to post on this group page. So I don't know about you guys, but my grades have taken a toll because of my daydreaming. I'm in high school and my last math test grade was a leaned 77%. I just can't focus, so I just plug in my headphones and drift away... I have gotten pretty talented at hiding when I'm daydreaming in public, but people will find out sooner or later. A group of my friends and I are going on school trips together through the country and they will figure out, so I try my best to cover it up. I know it's just part of the MD struggles, but I am trying really hard to balance fantasy and reality... so enough with me, I want to know if anyone else knows? Do your parents know? How do you cope with it? What's your story? I can't wait to hear your stories.

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Hi! I know its a little late to be posting but better sooner then later,right?

In school, I can do his weird trick where i daydream my character is learning and hearing everything that I am learning. I never had to hide my MD because I never had a problem with MDing at school. No one knows except for my Mom and my close friend, but I wish I hadnt. I cope with my MD by trying to set times for daydreaming because i like to keep schedules.

Hi x

My grades are dropping as well- it's just so hard to focus. Nobody knows about my MD but I'm going to let the ones close to my know soon, because maybe they'll be able to help me stay on track more. I haven't really figured out how to cope yet, but I am trying :)


I'm in my last year of 6th form, so my next step is uni... if I get in haha. Last year was awful because of my daydreaming, except I didn't know that was my problem XD I'm probably going to fail because I can't concentrate and have no energy so...

My main plot daydream covers my identity too, so I change identities depending on my mood i guess. 

I think my teachers think I'm stupid X/

As far as coping, I don't really. It's hard because I always feel this dread when I know I need to concentrate on reality, so I kinda hide from homework. I tend to pull facial expressions when I'm daydreaming, so I'm super anxious about it happening at school DX


I'm in a similar situation; my grades haven't exactly dropped but I feel like I could perform better if I wasn't constantly distracted by my daydreams. It's hard because I like to daydream. There are some times when I don't want to do anything else, which is why I find it hard to concentrate. It also gets a bit embarrassing if, for example, I'm thinking about something funny and I smile or laugh to myself my friends think it's really weird and know that I'm not listening to them. 


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