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You know those people that enjoy being single? Whom preach all day of the freedom and independence it provides? 

Yea, I'm not that person.

In fact, I yearn for the love and affection of a relationship.

I'm the person whom gets stares in the hallways, whom everyone calls "gorgeous" or "intelligent" etc., yet doesn't have a boyfriend or get asked out... and that's when the daydreams kick in.

Every crush feels like a relationship to me, thus every time that said crush has a boyfriend or girlfriend (I'm bi-curious) It feels as if I've just been cheated on, on the same day of my two year anniversary.

Allow me to break this down:

There was this one girl whom I've never seem before. She was absolutely stunning, and was in fact the only girl I've ever been attracted to. So what did I do? I daydreamed of course. 

We kissed, we cuddled, we held hands, I sported a jersey with the number two on it as I roared her name at each and every one of her basketball games; She caressed my face as she repeated that I was beautiful, that even my most major insecurities were , in her mind, flawless.

My heart swelled every time I saw her at school. Each day I hoped and prayed that I would see her.

I'd felt as if I loved her.

And come to find out...she had a girlfriend. Affectionate posts of them littered her Snapchat story and Instagram. 

My heart shattered. 

And the worst thing about it, was that my crush's girlfriend, was on this year's homecoming court.


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I can understand your problem. Such things can give you a serious headache.


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