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It might seem wierd but i have fantasized for more than 9hours without resting or sitting down, just walking around my room shooting, fighting, beating someone who's not there but in my mind, delivering speeches like a great politician, sometimes i become kim jong un thinking which countries i can possibly NUKE! and a million other things but today i dream very very less as compared to my former condition. Maybe less than 2hrs. I always knew that excessive dreaming was very bad but i could not resist, the pleasure and satisfaction of fantasizing cannot be explained.But it created a lot of problems for me particularly affecting my academics . Add to that many sleepless nights. I found myself suddenly waking up in the middle of night and spending the rest of night fantasizing . Sometimes i was getting less than 2hrs of sleep.I always thought about quiting but was never able to do so until i finally got terrible grades. I was becoming a pessimist each and every day. Finally i was determined to overcome it.
I researched and found that there aren't any medicines available. I have not yet told my parents about this, its been more than a year.
But there are certain effective ways to overcome it. One of the best ways is creating a strict schedule for yourself. You must plan everthing for your day. You should try to socialize more and more rather than being alone. You should not take extra pressure on yourself, be happy and calm, dont panic. Avoid potential triggers. And last but not least is to write down everything you dream. Try to create a collection of stories. Develop better writing skills. Writing your thoughts is the best way to deal with this problem.
Ending on a positive note these tips will help you to control your life.
#together we will defeat MD. Stay strong Stay happy and know that happiness is the ultimate solution to deal with problems.
Have a good time dear friends.
Thank you

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