So when I daydream nothing bad ever happens to me. I am always the " bad guy" doing bad things to other people. Often it is random people I don't even know. It is weird but, I find I can only daydream at certain times, like when I am mad. Does anyone else do this?

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I usually daydream in 3rd person, and I make up a main character whom I put through many abuses and trauma. I rarely rarely ever daydream about myself, but when I do, I imagine myself getting back on all those bullies and mean people who treated me like sh--. For example, I imagine ripping their heads apart and dissolving them to shreds. I do this when I am very mad or filled with lots of hatred.

I am always The Hero in my DD. But I really understand why you do it. My hero get always hurt or see somebody he loves being hurt first. So he has the right to take weapon and go and kill the bad one. Anyway the feeling is the same.

The more I learn that is all wrights to be angry as long as you are not destructive, the less I get those types of DD.  

I used to do it. In my daydreams I had a husband and he had a child with another woman. I didn't like her and her child. Mostly I just was rude to her and telling other characters that I hate her and she ruins my life but at one point I started to daydream about raping her because I hated her so much and wanted to punish her. I also did this to her kid. But I don't know if this rape was a daydream or an intrusive thought (because I suffer from severe OCD). It was kinda detached from the main story so I guess it might've been an intrusive thought. I regret that and feel guilty about it. But the rest was daydreaming.


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