Im curious what you guys usually listen to. I personally can't dream to anything that doesn't have either a great melody or lyrics that fit what my character is feeling at that scene. 

Rap music and country don't work for me at all. First has no beat to go to and the second is too slow. 


Movie, tv, anime and videogame soundtracks work really well for me. So does dance or rock music. Sometimes piano music is really good too.  


What do you guys listen to? Any particular artists? 

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Good question!!! Hmm... Mostly ROCK, some pop ,some K-pop and some J-pop ! This is a list of the songs I use the most... Most of them are used for fighting scenes...

1) Breaking Benjamin- Lights Out 

2) Linkin Park- Session

3) Linkin Park Reanimation- Krwling

4) 30 Seconds to Mars- Kings and Queens

5) Evanescence- Eternal

6)David Guetta feat. Sia- She Wolf

7) Hilary Duff- Fly

8)Perfume- Electro world (J-pop)

9)SHINee- Lucifer (K-pop)

10)Seungri- V.V.I.P (K-pop)

11)Big Bang- Top of the world (K-pop)

12)Coldplay- Clock

13) Katy Perry- Wide awake

14) Avril Lavigne- Nobody's home

Currently it is Ke$ha and Ministry of Magic(a wizard rock band) but it varies. Avril Lavigne is another one. Depends on what artist I am listening to. For the most part it is pop music.

I listen to classical(piano) sometimes,but most of the time I listen to pop and indie rock.Mainly it depends on my daydream and my feeling.I imagine myself most of the time playing piano and playing piece composed by me.

I like English or Elven folk music when I daydream because most of my dreams are about days of old.
When I do decide to be modern I like pop music such as Ariana Grande, FOB, and such. Especially when I am DD about modern love and romance. Teeheee!
I should mention one more thing, for my medieval DDs I only listen to music when I am mapping it out.
Any electronic or dubstep song will make me daydream. But sometimes certain songs(usually alternative rock)will make me daydream. I put those songs on a playlist so I can sit and imagine to the songs whenever I want too. I learned to write everything that I was imagining in a private journal.

Depends of the DDsituation and the related emotions.
I mostly listen to Metal, medieval folk and gothic related stuff. Best if the songs are long, change rythm and melody, contain a catchy melody or create a someting like a "sensation of space".
Hymn-like songs for the sad/romantic/cheesy stuff
Brutal, war or viking songs for the times of anger and need of strenght.
Medieval "we all dance and live in paradise" songs for the easy going sunny days.

But in fact, when I'm on the street and hear somewhere any song with a melody I like I dream away.


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