I commented earlier saying that I have found a possible link between the subconscious motions you do while daydreaming and realistic hopes and dreams. I would like to further exams on that. I Amber a female, and I don't seem to shake or tap, usually when I daydream, but what I do instead is cry, laugh, and experience other visible emotions. What I believe that this means is, that since I have a gift in therapy and psychology, my subconscious motions relate to part of my realistic dream of becoming a physiatrist, or therapist. I said before that my male friend taps and mimics the motions of playing a trumpet, though his daydreams are not remotely related to play in a trumpet. He told me that he wants to become a really talented trumpet player when he is older, but not for a job, I don't want to be a therapist for a job, I believe that violates the gift I was given. So I state that your subconscious is the part of your daydreams that keeps reality and fantasy separate, by performing your realistic dreams in reality, and your fantasy, in your daydream. Adding to the ability for a MDer to have a distinct knowledge of the difference between daydreams and real life.

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Sorry for the weird grimmer, it was autocorrect, I promise! "Exams" was ment to be be "extend". "Amber" was ment to be "am". "Play in a trumpet" was ment to be "play a trumpet."


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