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What's your MD like?

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My daydream worlds usually involve lots of psychedelic themes... depending on the emotion creating it it could be a netherworld with lots of demons and faces all over the walls, or it could be a spiritual forest where the trees come to life, or it could just be a huge kingdom made of alien geometry.... Alternatively, if they're more realistic, they tend to take place at my schools or peoples' houses.

The mindset is always one of trying to chase extreme emotions. If it's a negative daydream then it might circle around things like murder or demonic possession, or other kinds of things like that. The two different "sides" of my mind pop up to play different roles at different times, with my submissive side playing the victim and my dominant side being the killer, demon, or what have you. I sort of started fetishizing death for a while because of that. If it's a positive daydream then it will usually be about sex, romance, or superpowers. Idealized things like love stories, or me being the beloved ruler of the world, or just like... god lol. There's usually also some part of it that involves the laws of physics totally falling apart at one point ending in something like ego death, or a mind merge, or becoming part of a hive mind, and etc. Basically, it's just all really over the top stuff.

Lately I've also been thinking about sex a LOT and my daydreams are becoming all about spiritual awakenings from orgasm. It gets really intense when I start to feel them like they're actually happening!

I don't really get just making up stories as much as some people here seem too, but when I do make them they're always about groups of people with superpowers coming together to save the world or something lol. More along the lines of Heroes than comic book stories, which I never cared much for. Those involve things like people being turned to stone or fused together and all this crazy stuff too.... But like I said, I don't do those as much.


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