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Probably only people who need to move when they daydream can relate to this..I've recently realized that when I'm in my room or alone somewhere, I automatically start to move around and/or pace when I get into a daydream, but when I'm in the car (not driving) I can just stare out the window and get completely lost with my ipod in. It's probably the fast, turning motions of the car. Has anyone else noticed this about themselves? My favorite time to daydream is in the car on long rides with my music playing :) To me it almost feels like a "more sane" way of daydreaming haha I don't even feel the urge to make weird facial expressions

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Yeah, I found that I've become very good at changing my face to a blank expression as soon as I see someone nearby, but I worry if people can tell when I accidentally blank out when they're talking to me.

Amber said:

But I'm always scared that "normal" people can tell when I'm daydreaming! Sometimes I walk around my house and do it and I'll turn a corner and someone will be there so I have to act natural and hope they didn't notice anything odd lol

I always have to have a straw to help act out my daydreams. Sometimes I add in some whisper-level sound effects like a car explosion or something. I can relate to all of you!

Oh yes, movement is very important. I love long car rides because I can listen to music, stare out the window and daydream. When I was a little younger I would go on the swings and take my music with me. I usually stayed for an hiur to an hour and a half and was not happy when some little kids came wanting to use the swing.
I don't get to be in cars much so now I love to go on the subway. I like speed so when the train slows or stops I have to pause my music. (and my daydream)

I most definitely act out my daydreams as best I can. It's nice because when I am pretending to have a conversation I am a better talker than when I talk to people. (I'm an introvert) Actually that is usually how I come up with my writing material. It starts as a daydream and then I say something that sounds good so I run with it then write it down. I don't talk loud because I don't want to be heard. I sort of whisper it. I get anxiety if I accidentally say something too loud.

Whenever I'm alone somewhere or even just kinda alone I automatically start to pace and DD.

When I'm in my room I'm either on the computer or pacing. My room itself is a trigger just because it's a safe place to DD.

Cars are a little different. My DD gets more shallow and not as detailed when I'm in a car but it also increases to the point where when I'm in a car I'm always DD unless I'm having a conversation with someone.

My trigger is definitly music. I'll being listening to my iPod and I won't even realize that I've started daydreaming and have been pacing all over the house. It's really starting to freak out my family. 

I definitly get it in cars too, but of course, only when I'm on my iPod.

Odd enough, I rarely pace if I'm alone in the house, though I still get daydreams.

My family gets frustrated with me when we're going on long car trips because I just sit there with my earphones in. They don't know that the real reason I can't hear what they're saying is because I'm too lost in a daydream. A few years ago I used to ride my scooter back and forth out the front of my house for a couple of hours. I stopped doing that because I kept wearing out the tyres, so then I changed to my bike, then to my skateboard. Then last year I just sick of replacing the tyres and started pacing in my room instead. Now I am acting out my daydreams without realising it but I never speak. My best daydreams happen when I act them out.

Yea, I can definitely relate, but I can't tell if it's my ADD or MDD.

When I used to daydream, I would feel exactly that. I couldn’t sit while daydreaming if I was able to move, but if I wasn’t allowed to move for some reason (sitting on the school bus) I would daydream just as well. For example if I could move, I would reenact my daydreams, but if people could see me, I would daydream just as well immobile while listening to music


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