I haven't been online for quite some time so I'm really amazed how many people have joined this group!

It would be great if we could learn a bit more about each other, support each other and maybe even find new friends.

Where are you from, how old are you, is there a subject that bothers you at the moment that you would like to talk about or something else to share?

I'm 26 and from Germany (Munich). This year I actually learned to  cope with my MD (which caused some serious problems in my life) and that just makes me happy. Last year I was severely depressed, even suicidal, and I'm so glad I'm through with this. Back then I never thought it would be possible to change myself and my life - starting a therapy was the best thing I ever did in my life.

The only thing that is not so great is that I'm feeling a bit lonely, I'm missing someone to share my life with (loooooove) - in the past I did all of this in my head, now it's time to make it real!

How about you?

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I'm Murph! I'm from America and just realized I have MDD two years ago. I always was daydreaming and even had a journal full of my daydreams. I'm gay and genderqueer.

I'm Andrew, from Hull in England. I have only recently discovered that what I do has a name - MDD. Similarly, discovering that I am bisexual has been a slow gradual voyage over the years. Both the MDD and concealing  my sexuality have come at a cost, so I am thankful that I have learned that I'm not alone.


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