So, if you joined this group, chances are you have daydreams about "saving the day". I meant more like in the title : Do you have daydreams like a "comic book hero" who has awesome suits, powers, and gadgets? Or do you have daydreams like saving a cat from a tree or being a firefighter? Maybe someone out there has a daydream where they are a hero of their family like saving a marriage or whatever.
I have daydreams like a comic book hero. Yeah, maybe childish and kind of stupid but my daydream I think has a really cool plot and i like it.

I thought this was a good subject to start out with . Thanks :)
Meghan Sheath

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I totally agree with how out plays out so cool in our heads. I don't think anyone has read my mind so there is no way someone can say "its stupid that you're daydreaming about this" I think this can go with anyone.  My daydream takes place all around the world, but they  live and protect  in one city in either China or America.The setting changes a lot. Having a small town that they protect must be cool to daydream about!  I also have two main heros.One has a dragon(I've always wanted to fly a dragon)and that dragon has a pet cat.I know that's weird but it's important to the plot and the characters personality. 

Its nice to know someone else has a daydream similar in this way.  :)


Maxx// said:

For my daydreams, I'm just the same, I daydream about comic book superheroes. I actually have two specific characters for the superhero scenario, who are both the protectors of the small town they live in. They both have superpowers and suits and encounter monsters and villains and 'save the day' and all that good stuff. I agree it seems so childish and silly, but I certainly love them as with all my characters and really it's just another exciting plot to build upon. Besides, regardless of how it seems externally, it's probably plays out way cool inside all of our heads~


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