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All my life i've been struggling with MD and ADHD. I was wondering if others also suffer from both conditions. If so, could you maybe share your experiences with me. I'm trying to live with these conditions and finally live a calm and relaxed life. If u wanna talk privately to me, please send me a message((:


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I have both, and to be honest, I would not know how to live w/o both. I have to to accept these, and recently told my therapist (for ADHD coping strategies/coaching ONLY) that I don't want to completely rid from MD. It is what and who I am. He smiled, and told me he wants to hear more about the various stories in my MD.  I am also a writer, but have found myself unable to write the many plots of my dreaming. If I do, the character I write about usually dies on my next dreaming. I don't want to kill them, so I don't write about them. But I can talk casually about it, is ok. My way of getting hold of my life back is by reading the Bible (it has many books with fascinating stories!), trying to make friends that will enrich my life(don't like negative, abusive, blullying, or stupid self absorbed ones!), and keep myself busy with the every day and my hobbies. Also, I let my dreaming loose on two occasions: bath time and bedtime only. I hope I had helped you somehow. If not, sorry for taking your time. God bless!...


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