So... I've never really been into Zodiac stuff or believed in it but I read a couple different descriptions of mine today and I was amazed at how accurate it was with lining up with my personality traits and even suggesting towards a tendency of living in my head/thoughts. Kind of took me by surprise.


I am just kind of curious what Zodiac sign everyone is... I thought it would be interesting if there was a trend in signs


Mine is Virgo



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i am a pisces and we are known for being dreamers lol

Agreed. I don't really believe in it either.... Just thought it was interesting/amusing as well. Mine had a lot of similarities to me but also a few things that didn't make any sense regarding my personality.


I read a bunch of the different signs descriptions and Pisces actually sounded the most like me (At least I thought).. That personality type description makes sense for MDD

Astrology is complete nonsense. I'm not saying this without any evidence. A very simple test is to cut out horoscopes and descriptions of various zodiac signs without the title, shuffle them up, and see if people can correctly match their zodiac sign with the description. They are generalities that can be applied to just about anyone in different circumstances, much like 'psychics' giving cold readings. Another example would be Ouija boards where you blindfold the participants and have a third person spin the board in a random orientation and see if answers make any sense.

Also, since the creation of these symbols in early civilization, the stars position in the sky have changed and don't correspond to the calendar anymore anyway.

Here is a Penn & Teller episode debunking Astrology:

Here is a Bill Nye episode talking about pseudoscience which mentions astrology and the experiment I mentioned earlier:


I was just doing it somewhat for fun lol. Thanks though.

My star sign is pyrex.....

.......I was a test tube baby. 

Mine is Aries. People tell a lot of things associated with it but it seems as if most of them apply to everybody in different situations. Here I agree with Steve C, its more like common things being told in different words.

Mine is Virgo

I'm a skeptic so part of me really doesn't want to believe it, but I've researched semi-in-depth and it becomes really hard not to. I try to call it coincidence. Seriously, I recommend calculating your birth chart. It's like all the inaccuracies of your sun sign get filled in. Your sun sign is a tiny part of it, and the rest is pretty important. I hear those claims that it's very generic but I beg to differ with many people. I go into it as a skeptic, trying not to disregard the innaccuracies (that's the thing with our brains and stuff like fortune-telling: we often overlook the things they get wrong for the things they get right) and I find barely anything that doesn't describe me to a T, and a lot of the traits aren't things like "loyal, kind," etc. but "short attention-span, creative, perfectionistic, anxious, manipulative, stubborn). I do my family's charts and they describe them more accurately than their Myer's Briggs types do (not that those are totally accurate either, but if you know your type it's the most accurate of the 16). All the prediction stuff about astrology I think is total codswallop though.
My guesses would be an air trend, Gemini a big one (Libra and Aquarius fyi). Probably some water too (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Virgo wouldn't surprise me even if earth; there's a lot of anxiety with Virgos. Those are my predictions, and for least likely I'd say earth second least likely and last fire. 

Rising - Virgo
Sun - Taurus
Moon - Virgo
Mercury - Gemini
Mars - Leo
Venus - Aries

I can't remember the rest and cbb to look it up. But I read it and it blew my mind. 


I'm a sagittarius. I find zodiac signs rather interesting


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