...they actually asked you straight out "Do you have Maladaptive Daydreaming?"

I don't know what I would do. (Sorry if this starts you DDing about this scenario)

I might ask them why they thought that, and how they knew about it (although if it was one of my primary schoolmates or one of my parents I would probably guess they'd Googled 'why did my daughter/friend walk around the playground at school?)

I would then probably ask them what they knew about it, and answer any questions they had (about the disorder itself though, not about my specific DDs) or maybe I'd freak out.

My uncle (please don't critise him when I say this) sort of claims to be psychic and I have always felt scared of daydreaming around him in case he could actually read my mind (I've always thought he seemed like the sort of person who could - my over active imagination LOL) and found out about my 'pretend games' (how I thought of my DDs before I found out about MD).

He seems like the sort of person who would know something like that...

Anyway, what do you think you would do if the above happened to you (LOL rhyme, it must be in my blood, my Nan does this too and some of the poetry she has written has been published in poetry books)?

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I'd just say yes and ask them where they heard it and why they thought I had it? 'Cause I don't care who knows, I just feel awkward, and don't know how to answer if someone asks what DD shows me (trying to do what my shrink said and think of DD as something that comes to me, not something that I do) because it's kinda stupid, and I'll probably never meet anyone on here, plus you people have MD (or CF-compulsive Fantasy?) anyway so that's why I can just ramble on about it on here.

And if they caused a bit of a fuss about it, telling everyone, I'd just ask them 'why the eff they're making a fuss about it, it's not my fault, it doesn't affect them, can't they just ignore it?' type of thing.

Opera also has private mode. You could also try and get into a habit of deleting your history, or if you have your own account, put a password that she wouldn't guess. Some random code with numbers and, even better, symbols, would be best. And maybe change it sometimes, too.

Bethan Siân Goodwin said:

if you want to keep things hidden from your sister, you should use gogle chrome, there is an opton to go incognito, which basically means you can use the interent and it won't leave any internet history

Skylar Grey said:

ive thought of this scenario many many times before, ever since i found out my condition had a name. You see, my

sister is the nosiest person alive. I know ur thinking, oh all sisters go through ur stuff. well no, shes 20 years old and she is always checking my internet history or reading my notebooks i have throughout my room. Shes always looking for dirt on me that she can go spill to my parents. lets just leave it at; im the mature one and im 15. I have to be extra careful when it comes to visiting this site. And hiding my tracks only seems more suspicious. sorry getting sidetracked... Anyways, hmm well to ur original question i would have to say, it depends on whos asking. If my sister asked i would immediatly deny it. if my parents asked then i would ask questions first and see how much they knew before i spilt my dark secret. if my friends asked i would do the same withwhat i did with  my parents.  And if i had an uncle like yours, then i too would be careful of what i do around him. im a cautious person even if my fear is something terribly irrational.


p.s- your rhymes made me laugh :)


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