This is my theory (a 13 year old) as to why some of us start daydreaming more frequently. Here is is: Lets say when we DD our brain produces Dopamine, or the feel good hormone. We crave the Dopamine, so we start DDing more and more. It becomes an addiction. We crave that hormone. It's like when you become a drunk or a drug user. You crave that hormone, that good feeling. I know it was short and probably completely wrong, but I just thought it up and I had to tell someone. What do you guys think?

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Ha, we're the same age :) and I definitely think its a possibility. I mean, I think all addictions start out innocent, not meaning anything by it, and just end up spiraling out of control. I think I daydream because this reality bores me, but that may just be how it started. There are many reasons we start things, but we may never truly understand why we continue to do it.

I think there could be some truth to this. However I take quetiapine (an anti-psychotic) which reduces dopamine levels but my desire to daydream has not decreased at all. I know some people who have taken anti-psychotics and feel that they have less desire in daydreaming but for me this hasn't been the case. I'm on quite a low dose so perhaps not enough to really effect my dopamine levels.

Hmm...Maybe it depends on the different doses of the meds and how much dopamine you're producing. I was just throwing an idea around

Hah, I'm older than you =p (17)

That's a good theory, actually, because lots of us find it addicting. I know my friend, and I know there are others around who have this fantasy world but aren't addicted to the DDing, so I think it's a good theory.

There are also some theories along the lines of our brains are wired just slightly differently (and some think it could be genetic) and so either we're predisposed to start daydreaming or becoming addicted to something (the latter really existing and being scientifically proven to be genetic, I think) Or both.

Maybe it's different reasons for different people. Maybe the ones who have been fantasizing since very very early childhood had they're brain wired for it, and those later in life became addicted almost like any addiction.

So many things it could be...

That's the mechanism involved in ANY pleasure seeking activity that asks to be repeated continuously, starting from fantasizing or love to gambling or porn or cocaine so there's nothing here we didn't already know. Addiction is addiction. It's all about exciting that under-stimulated part of you which got fucked up due to an underlying psychological or neurological problem which messed up our dopamine reward system in the first place so we're self-medicating ourselves by engaging in dopamine-releasing behavior which somehow happened to be daydreaming because we're probably way too introverted or anxious or fearful to be engaging in another high-risk addiction like gambling or sex. 

Great idea...I've never thought of that before.
@Wish Upon A Wish You're 17?! Oh my gosh, I thought you were older! You sound so much more mature than 17 in text. o:

Dopamine does more than just make people feel good. It is also used to transport information and signals.

Maladaptive Daydreaming is not really one condition that people have. People daydream excessively or maladaptive daydream for a lot of different reasons. For some it is a mild childhood regression. For some it is a severe regressive behavior. For some it is just a racing mind or some folks who think they have MD actually have ADD/ADHD. For some it is a narcissistic withdrawal, schizoid withdrawal, or simple avoidance technique, or dissociative behavior. For some it is a maladaptive coping technique that started as a result of trauma.

For some people it is due to their Fantasy Prone Personality and for some it is due to their Narcissistic Personality. I didn't list all possible reasons because there are A LOT of possible reasons. I don't believe anybody has ruled out all possible reasons, though I know that is the automatic response of people who identify as MDers.

Maladaptive Daydreaming is more accurately described as a behavior than a disease or disorder. There are addictive like aspects to the behavior. Some people could be lead to daydream the same way some people are addicted to other behaviors. I believe some folks have inadvertently trained their brain to function this way. It still makes it difficult to change, but it doesn't make it an addiction.

The reasons are different for different people.


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