I am interested to know how many people on this forum had MD, and have been able to quit for good?

And if you quit, how did you do it?

- Self help?

- Therapy?

- Medicine?

- Someting else?

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I have written quite a lot about that in my other topic here:


And not just in that first message, but if you scroll through all of the messages you can read many more of mine.

Hopefully it will help you understand it better!

Thx so much! I want to stop MD so bad

It's def possible, don't give up! :-)

BTW: the quick answer to your question is: if you know the underlying cause you can go into therapy and talk about it. (Or if you have close friends/family who you can talk to, that could also be very helpful).

Work through your issues and you will become empowered to deal with the real world. Your need to live in a perfect fantasy world will decrease. It will always be a decision to quit- it's not like someone else can make you quit. But if you are empowered through therapy, you will feel much stronger to be able to make that decision. That's how it worked for me, at least!

Once you started therapy, how long did it take to see 'results' of some sort with DD? After a month, did it decrease?

Well it def didn't happen soon,  it took me personally a year or so. But that doesn't mean we spend a year talking about my fantasies,  it was mostly about my past (excluding the fantasies). I saw my therapist once a week, somethings once in two weeks. So yeah... It took a while ;-).


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