I'm just curious if it is in the present, past, or future? Mine is set into the near future, like a couple of years or so. Where does your daydream take place? Is it your hometown/area, or is it somewhere else, or is it a place completely made up? I'll say that mine starts by taking place in my hometown, but it eventually moves into an island in the middle of the pacific that I made up. It is completely invisible, however, to the rest of the world do to a device that make a shield around it.

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Mine takes place in a world that's completely made up; it's similar to reality, yet it has a magical aspect to it.

Mine takes place in the present. Earth is exactly the way it is right now, except dragons are real (and my house and my old house are bigger, LOL). Only a few humans know about the dragons, though. Aliens are also real. The alien stuff takes place on other planets, mainly planets in another galaxy that I made up, along with planets from Doctor Who, Star Trek: Next Generation, Ender's Game, etc. Sometimes there are other dimensions involved. I suppose my daydreams don't JUST take place in the present, because a lot of my characters can time travel. Time travel isn't a HUGE part of the daydreams, though.
I once had my daydream take place in more than one dimension... But it got WAY too complicated WAY too fast, and if I wanted the write a book about it one day, it can't be as complicated as it got

When I was younger - it was a different solar system. Now it's this solar system, but characters travel a lot. Popular places - a secret island in Atlantic Ocean, los angeles, new york, Peru, costa rica, France, Italy, Boston. 

Depends on the daydream. My current daydream is in the late 1800's in the west, but I've had some in present day as well as the future.


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