I know I ask a lot of  things in my discussions but I'm curious, what is your biggest trigger? Mine is definitely music, anytime I listen to music I jump up a little while later and begin daydreaming, usually with it still playing from my iHome. Lately now though I use my big over-ear headphones and relax.

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Music all the way.

Music, drawing (it helps,) movies/TV, books, walks, and boredom. :l

Music and something happens in front of me i really liked to see it again :) 

Music, but also tv series, films or books

Absolutely anything.  The only way I could avoid triggers would be to be unconscious.

Music, car rides, long showers, taking walks, watching TV, & pretty much whenever I'm bored/distracted by the material in front of me.

Music and certain TV shows or movies (started this really young and all characters I made up were based off of actual actors so sometimes when I see them...)

sad music, sad books, sad movies.. basically anything that can make me cry. my daydreams are often sad and depressing but I like it that way.

Music is definetely my biggest trigger to the point where I have to listen to music whenever I am daydreaming. TV is another big one but actually, anything I hear or see that has any relation to the contents of my fantasies can make me go into daydreaming mode.

Music, atmosphere, interesting thoughts and recognising things in reality that are part of my dreams (for example I dream a lot about insects and whene I see and insect I get inspired to dream more about it.)

music seems to be a common one. the different types i listen to can trigger different types of scenarios.


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