What fictional genre would you classify your daydreams as?

In fiction, we have many different genres, such as action, fantasy, science fiction, romance, horror. Etc.

When you daydream, which genre(s) would your daydreams fit into?

My daydreams are pretty much always a mix of drama, comedy (as in sitcoms like the TV show 'Friends'), and romance.

I also have multiple "stories" in my daydreams. Some of my "stories" contain fantasy, science fiction, crime, and violent horror elements.

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I have multiple DD scenarios I engage in. Mainly they are a mix of drama, true crime/thriller & I guess romance? Whenever I think of 'romance' fiction though, all I picture are the trashy novels my mom used to read with a shirtless Fabio on the cover & my DD's are nothing like that. I do have one scenario that's a fantasy/drama mix & one that's a western period drama.


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