Hi I was just wondering at what age people started maladaptive daydreaming? I was always a dreamy kid but I think I got considerably worse by about thirteen when things got difficult at school. However I think my MD probably started when I was sixteen - that's when I started pacing, losing sleep, avoiding friends etc. to daydream. 

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I've been doing it for almost as long as I can remember, maybe about 5 years old. Despite having 6 siblings, I spent countless hours outside by myself climbing trees, playing on playgrounds, running, and jumping on trampolines all while immersed in this entirely different world. I started writing them down when I was 11 and I basically missed all my jr high and high school years. I graduated almost a year ago and I'm in my 2nd semester of college now, and I've done well to control it so it doesn't interfere with my education.

It DOES interfere with my relationships and sleep, though qvq I have very few friends and no hope for a boyfriend haha
I think I started around age 12. I am a sexual abuse Survivor and it was at the age of 12 I told my perpetrator he could not touch me and then I began MDD. I'm in my forties now and I still do it.

For me it was some time in middle school - I'm not quite sure when I transitioned from normal playing, but I think it was around age eleven that I started to prefer time and space to daydream alone rather than engaging in imaginative play with other children. I actually started being bullied pretty bad at that age, so in retrospect it makes sense that that's when I may have developed MDD. 

since childhood, but it started to be bit more excessive about 12. most conversation with friends seemed to be too dull and boring and i really wanted to share my emotions and opinions with somebody else

Since I was 7-ish. Maybe even before. 

I used to think everyone did it, and I would tell my cousins about it. I cant pinpoint a reason for why I did it, it was just fun and satisfying. It still is - but of course now I am adult and I'm supposed to be productive, so it gets in the way far too often. 

I remember mine started at about 8, but I have been imaginative even before that age. It just the matter that at about 8 I started to have more free time and came along with some very well written stories, which triggered me hard to develop one for myself. I didn't think it will be an issue and I had a satisfied life, but only before high school. It only becomes out of control when it turned into a mechanism against social life instead of boredom. Unfortunately for me, it still serves both purposes till now, and I am 19 studying in college.

Not positive, but very young likely before 5 years old.  I am now almost 69 and have DD’d most of my life.  It has had a very negative effect on all of my relationships and looking back, well, it saddens me.

I was around 8 and I'm now 45. Just found out what I was doing this a month ago. Trying to figure out how to deal with it so I can enjoy reality better.

I have no idea when I started. It was before I can remember. My theory is that I first did it with the "blankie" I used to carry around everywhere. That's because the way I do it now, by manipulating the ends of a string with my fingers, is similar to how I might have played with the corners of my "blankie."

I remember myself my first day dreaming at age of 10. But i didn't know i was day dreaming. At the age of  21 i came to understand i have some disorder. then i went to Doctor, Doctor said it OCD, But medicines didnt worked on me. Before 2 months i came to know that its name is Maladaptive day dreaming from internet

I can't remember a time when I didn't daydream excessively. I would have been a toddler when my family broke up and had long periods travelling in a car when I would rock back and forth listening to music. My family initially found it funny but the joke wore thin as I grew older and things began to get broken (sofa springs, wooden slats on bed frames) yet were too embarrassed to ask for help for me. At 46, I'm still daydreaming - my husband and daughter know it's something I do when I'm trying to calm down or make sense of things. I really want to stop now - I'm setting a bad example and feel so tired and ashamed.


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