Weirdest or scariest thing you've done while DD...?

Hello guys,

While i daydream sometimes when im in the subway i forget to stop where i was suposed to or when im cooking i put the oil in the fridge cause i've been DD. My boyfriend is like: Why did you put the oil in the fridge?? And im like: No, i didn't.. and then i realise that i've must have done it while i was DD.

Anyway i was curious about what is the weirdest or even scariest thing you've done because of DD?

All the best dreamers :)

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I have my permit and keep losing focus at the wheel DX I was on the highway going over the limit, but it's just so BORING! Who wouldn't drift off?! Back when I use to take the bus (I walk to school now >:/) I would drift off and, I swear, if people didn't sit by me and get off the bus stop and remind me, hell, I'd still be on that bus!

But I really don't like crossing streets alone for that reason. Not only does it give me anxiety, I somtimes don't notice the road if it's not busy. I've walked the wrong way in school in hallways. And (this isn't so much danger, so much as embaressment) my teacher called me out. (Note, I pick at my nails sometimes) I'm daydreaming/picking at my nails oblivious to the lesson and she, of course, calls on me. Obiously I snap back confused and blushing and she says,"Some people should stop daydreaming and picking at their nails and try paying attention for once." People laughed. It was especially embaressing because all the kids in my class were 2-3 years older than me. I was just a freshman and it wasn't cause I was smart. I'm rambling. Anyway, yeah.


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