Dear Wild Minds member,

An important study of ours on MD is progressing nicely but we need a few more participants.  We aim to refine the MD diagnosis process. This  goal is important to you and all other group members because without proper reliable diagnosis we cannot hope to get MD recognised by the medical and psychological establishment. 

We need your help!

If you agree to take part, you will be asked to complete an online MD scale (about 15 minutes) and will also be interviewed twice, by separate interviewers (15 minutes each interview). We also need to show that our diagnostic tools differentiate well between people with and without MD. To achieve that, it would be very helpful if you could help us recruit a person of your gender and who is roughly your age

We are now in a very important phase in MD research because we plan to aims demonstrate the validity and reliability of the MD phenomenon and its measures. 

We hope you would consider participating in this advanced MD study by writing back to me today.

Write to me at somer @ (delete spaces)

Here is a linked to my videotaped message to you:

With kind regards,

Prof. Eli Somer, Ph.D.

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Please write to me at somer @ (delete spaces). Thanks, Eli Somer


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