Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone’s tried using VR headsets in conjunction with daydreaming. Sounds a little dangerous but so amazing. I just tried one on in the google store and that would be really cool to combine the two. On location daydreaming (kind of).

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Oooooh VR! I love it!! Haha well I already love "normal" computer games because those let me experience other lifes. But VR brings this to a completely new level :D

Well... from a rational point of view I think VR could become my damnation xD And if there're worlds similar to mine, I would probably loose myself completely.

Recently I saw a documentation about the potential of VR and speculations about how it will change society. And a lot of psychologist had doubts. They said that we can't know today what it does to our mental health. It could lead to many difficulties with concentration and dissociation. And probably people would rate reality down when spending too much time in non-real worlds, where you can see yourself and others move and also use other senses than vision in the future. But they have no possibilities to test similar reactions today...

I had a good laugh in front of the screen :D Too bad they don't know how right they are and how many people already carry their own inbuilt VR-system xD

But yes I love it!! And I plan to go to a arena soon, where you can play all sorts of games (shooters, adventures, arcades) in full-body VR :D Let's see if I will find my way out again hahaha.


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