I often talk to my characters (who are people that I actually know in life) about my MD and why I think I do it. I try to work out my problems by synthesizing conversations with people that I think are smart, interesting, or different and make up their reaction/advice based on what I think that they would say if I brought the conversation up in life.

Sometimes I will actually bring up the conversations in life, trying to act out the scenario. I'm almost always wrong about what their reaction will be. lol.

But I wanted to know if anyone else uses their MD as a means of introspection and self-analysis.

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"Psychiatrist-like" is a good ways to describe these daydreams. Maybe it really does give us an idea of what a different perspective would be like. Kind of the acting out of asking yourself "What would this person have to say about this?"

hell yeah, we always discuss stuff but I make sure we get distracted from serious conversations by daydreaming awesome scenery xD  but then I get scolded for not paying attention >.> that's how odd my mind works xD


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