I've recently experienced a cool breakthrough... I have been able, twice now, to enter an actual lucid dream state of my current "scenario" as I call it.

I have been an avid daydreamer since age 4 or 5, and an active lucid dreamer since about age 16.  Daydreaming hasn't really affected or taken over my life in a negative way, except for time that others may consider "wasted".  I don't consider it wasted time.  I try to keep it to around 1 hour a day (ok, sometimes more), and I know many people who meditate for that amount of time...so, ya. 

I usually work on any given scenario for weeks at a time, changing details, scenary, dialouge, etc until I get bored with it and move on to someting else.  It happened by accident a few months ago, that I went into a lucid dream state of my scenario! It was so cool!  Since then I have been working to recreate it and succeeded the other day with a different scenario.

I have pinpointed a few things that i believe got it to work...

1.  You have to become proficient in lucid dreaming first.  There are many ways to do this, but you can research this on your own.  It is a learned and practiced thing,  just like playing the piano or a sport.

2. Work on the same daydream every day, for a few weeks at least, so it becomes ingrained in your mind.

3. It has only worked for me under these circumstances (which by the way are also great helps to  get into a "lucid"  dream in the first place) : Wake up in the morning, eat a little something and then go back to sleep 45 min to 1 hour later. (if you have kids, a job, etc..you could set an alarm for 4 am and then go back to sleep after 45 min)  Daytime naps also seem to work.  Try to be completely alone in the bed, and have no other noise or distractions in the house.  Lay on your back.  Work on your daydream with your eyes closed...then if you're lucky you may slip into that reality in a lucid dream state!

I have had some trouble controlling the details of the dream perfectly, sometimes other people enter in or scenery changes a bit..but it has been super fun anyway.


Has anyone else ever managed this?


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I heard eating cheese before you sleep is supposed to help.

I've only managed to securely lock myself in a lucid daydream once. I did this by staring at my hands (it's supposed to help your mind concentrate on details of the dream world)


The result was pretty much "what dreams may come", but. It got weird : /

What was your dream about? I managed to make it more colorful, and have this ability to make plants grow. I wasn't planning to, I was kinda just directing my "energy" towards something and seeing what happens.

That's always been my ultimate fantasy-to be able to enter my fantasy. I hardly ever dream lucidly, but when I do, it's pretty awesome. Unfortunately, though, I never actually have been able to enter a fantasy.


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