What are your triggers to Maladaptive Daydreaming???

My triggers are music, reading, riding in the subway, when I get bored, writing, in school, watching movies, watching shows, walking, drawing. Almost anything basically.

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Do you get up and start pacing and galloping during music videos?
Fights with my SO, feeling emotionally and/or verbally abused by my SO, feeling like my life is worthless and I'm completely misunderstood by everyone close to me.

music is my major trigger for day dreaming, tv shows and movies can be big triggers as well, some books, but music is def my major trigger 

Music is my poison, my heart will start pounding and I need to move, be it through pacing or other types of movement. Also if I watch tv I can end up daydreaming about it later but changing the story

My triggers are being in situations where I am likely to make strange movements. This would be mostly when i'm alone and in bed or something. Also when I hear music I like.  Also sometimes my dad becomes aggressive with my mom, and after forcing myself to ignore it I end up daydreaming for hours. Things like killing my dad.

I usually fall into daydreams randomly, but most often just when my attention isn't being taken by something else. Unless I take a break, I usually don't daydream much while on the computer because I'm actively doing things (though may go autopilot and end up daydreaming then too), and only usually daydream in class when it's boring and I'm not taking furious notes or doodling. I actually doodle to prevent myself from falling into daydreams and staying in the moment so I don't end up missing a chunk of class daydreaming. Any time I go on a walk or sit in a car, I usually fall into them as well. 

But it's like an activity to fill the space when nothing else is there; like when the outside world isn't being mentally or sensorially stimulating enough, my brain creates the stimulation that it feels that it needs internally. It's like a self-regulating sensory fulfillment mechanism. 

Stress and getting the flu.


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