For as long as I can remember I've lived in my head , making story's up mostly that revolve around tv shows,movies, and books but I will take there story line and go another way with it. It was never a problem to me I just never told anyone , I will normally put head phones in and blare music while I rock my body back and forth or go for long walks while I listen to music. But as I got older and married and had children, I took a break from it for about a year still doing it but no where near as much. But the last I would say 3 years It was gotten bad I spend most of then day laying on the couch just doing what I have to do during the day Like getting my kids fed and ready for the day. while most the day I say in my PJs, my husband works 7 days a week and he normally doesnt come home till around 7 at night . I'm alone most of the day giving me hours to daydream with out being enterupted. But neglecting my house work and such has caused a huge wedge between me and my husband who has no idea about my MD. While I enjoy doing this I know I have to stop its taking time away from me doing things with my Kids and family I've cut myself off from the outside world. I'm looking to over come this and come back to life I'm so glad to find this site <3

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I'm not married, but I do find that my MD interferes with my real responsibilities quite often. One way I've found to cope is to incorporate what I have to do into my MD. If the car needs washing, I'll pretend I'm my character doing that in my MD get the idea. Other times, it's too distracting to "pretend" while I'm trying to get something done for real and I just have to snap myself out of it. I've tried schedules, to-do lists, etc...none of which seem to work with me. I hate schedules, but they're good for actually accomplishing things.


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