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I used to do MDD for 20 years, but now merging into my 30's, I am waking up to reality more and more. Past two days, my awareness of the earthly world I live in has become a lot clearer to mind. Still, at times, I wild mildly slip back into a world that isn't here or maybe they're 'private thoughts' lingering beneath my attuned awareness of my present surroundings. I am beginning to agree with what is realistically going on around me, unlike in my teens and 20's, when I was too immature and 'into myself' to care at all. Looking back at nearly two decades of excessive day dreaming, seeing that I've grown so much after observing and understanding the real worldly ways out there, I begin to sense I was very silly, reckless, inexperienced and overindulged in a lot of nonsense.

To be honest, my parents will tell me things, and it still runs out the other ear. My mom still thinks I live in the 'world of Jessica.' Well, I guess. After doing MDD all these years, I can still be quite self-absorbed.

Well, lately this week, my mom will tell me what she's heard on the news, and I will get interested more and more, I guess. It just shows I'm gradually leaving me head.

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