Sleep paralysis occurs just after you fall asleep or when you are about to awake up. Your body can't move temporarily and your mind remains aware. If you want more information, look up "sleep paralysis" on wikipedia.

I experience this when I'm about to wake up.  I'm not fully awake but I know that my body can't move. I try to move my body but it's stuck. I try to say something but I can't move my mouth. When I can't do either, I start panicking. I can't remember how long I stay like that. I'm not fully awake so I can't remember everything.

Do experience this too?

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I've never experienced that per se, but I've woken up shaking uncontrollably before.  That freaked me out.  It hasn't happened many times, thankfully.  

I experience it too, but it feels very different than the form you experience. For me, it feels as if something is crushing me, and although I've trained myself to realize that it is not real, I can't wake up from it. I just have to wait for it to pass. 

I experienced this too!

It happend to me the first time when I was 14 years old. I was scared to death. It happend for some nights in a row, so I was even scared to go to sleep. After I realized that nothing happens and that I just have to wait I lost my fear but I never liked the experience. Sometimes it was combined with a sort of dream/halluzination. I thought I saw people or things in my room that weren't there when I finally woke up. It was also not clear whether I can move my eyes or not. I always tried to move my big toes, which I thought would be the easiest, but I couldn't - or maybe I woke up from my strong efforts - I don't know. But I always found that I have the right sense of time - not like in a dream when time is compressed.

To me it came most of the times in a row - there could be years with never happening it, but then again weeks with four or five times. The last time it happend to me I was 34, I was pregnant that time, now I'm 47. I can't tell, if after this long time it will occur again. Maybe it has something to do with hormones? It is just a guess.

So don't worry, nothing bad happens to you!



Yeah I experience sleep paralysis a lot but I enjoy it because it's a vital step in performing a wake induced lucid dream. Sometimes it scares me but other times it amuses me like when there was a cowboy dancing on my ceiling or loads of pairs on underpants stuck to my wall. 
The bets thing to do is relax and it'll pass.


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