Hi everyone!

I have started writing a book about my MDD and I was wondering if anyone here would like to share their experiences and stories with me to be published in this book?

You would be totally anonymous. I'd use fake names of course.

Looking for folks who are willing to not only share their personal stories - but some of their MDDs as well.

I think it is important to get the info out there and until it is classified as a disorder, I thought it could be helpful to put it out there from our perspective.

Please pm if interested!


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Bummer. Kind of disappointed. Thought some would share. It is completely anon as I said. And if you participate, you get a free copy. Think about it and feel free to message me with questions/concerns, etc.

I haven't seen this post before, but I'm totally down with sharing my DDs and my story/life story. I'm an open book, and I know how important experiences are to really learn to understand something.

You can contact me on my e-mail, marliesstorm@hotmail.com, if you are interested in talking to me about MDD and want to ask questions. I'm down with both a set of questions, interview-like, and open discussion, like just having a conversation and telling about myself and stuff. Just let me know. Good luck on your book, and I hope you get more reactions! Try to use different platforms if you can, as there are so many people out there not on this forum, but totally interested to work with you. :)

Thank you Marlies! I will be in touch!!!!

Same goes for me, saw this post and I didn't have the chance to respond. But I would love to share some, if you still need it! :)

I do Maddy - pm me your email please - thank you!

Hi. My name Is Amber Stata, and I am eighteen years old. I have been dealing with Maladaptive daydreaming since I was nine, and it has literally affected every part of my life. I have dealt with stress from both of my families saying I'm just begging for attention, barely passing high school, and even thinking that I'm insane and breaking down every week. If you want to know how it all started, then this is my story. First off, I came from a highly abusive family, so the lack of food, cockroaches everywhere, and the fact that i eventually got into foster care twice made it all the more easier to make up my world. Second off, it may seem like it isn't that bad for me, mainly because others have dealt with it for probably more than nine years, but it is very serious for me. I would love to share the rest, if you are interested. My email is amberstata@gmail.com, and my skype is amber stata. 

I will email you Amber - thanks!!!

Hi! I am new to this site but what you are doing sounds like a good cause and I would be more than down to help. I can pm my email if you want to go over anything I'm always down to share.

I have a questionnaire I can send you. Please pm me your email address - thanks!


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