Do you experience any in your daydreams? I think touch is one I have. To imagine someone taking your hand, grabbing you by the arm. I kind of feel that. Sounds, we all imagine sounds, dialog, music etc. Sight, yeah, we see the "movie" in our heads. But I don't remember tasting or smelling. I have read that smell is the strongest memory but I don't see how. I am going to be  trying to experience taste and smell in my daydreams and see what happens. It could make it a more vivid daydream if it works.

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I actually feel nothing abnormal. I don't even have a particular ability to visualize scenes. In the last few years, my daydreams were more like thinking, intense dialogues, usually lacking the visual aspect. And when there's a visual aspect, it's actually quite dull.

Also, excuse my curiosity, but why try making your daydreams more vivid? Kill them instead.

I wish I could "kill them" doesn't seem possible. But why make them more vivid? Well, it's like when you're trying to remember something and you just can't get it. It's right on the tip of your tonge so to speak. Like the dream is to out of focus so I have to keep replaying it, trying to get all the details. Maybe other sensory information would fill in the gaps and lessen the need to replay them.


oh and mine are very visually based. Like remembering a scene from your favorite movie, except the movie is made up in my head.

I can't do taste, but touch is one I can do easily. I don't know about smell for me. By smell being the strongest memory, it's not imagining a smell, but if you smell something once, then smell it again, you'll know you recognise it. Distinct smells can also bring forth specific memories of a person, place etc.

Mostly though, if I do visualize touch, it's only when it's important in some way. If I'm just chatting with someone and they playfully push me, I won't really 'feel' it as much as I would if there was some intense, near fight going on then the other person pushed me, because the second one would be more significant.

Also, Eretaia, although the many of us don't want the daydreams, or want more control over them, we still enjoy the actual daydreams and want to make them realistic, and in detail. Well, I think most of us do.

It depends. Sometimes it is just like remembering something that happened the other day or that  I saw in a movie. Sometimes it is full sensory immersion. I have some but not full control over it. 

Sight, hearing, and touch are the strongest sensations I feel in my DDs. It's like watching a movie or playing a video game, but sometimes more intense and more 'real'. I have no idea how people can 'taste' or 'smell' their DDs because this have never happened to me before.


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