For me, I think it was when I was 7, because I was bullied, so I would walk round the playground at school daydreaming. I wouldn't even play with other kids, I prefered to stay in the world of my daydreams. When abouts did your MD start?

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Mine started n 6th grade , because people started bullying me, dey say I was gay n I wasn't I just didn't like dressin n girl clothes.
It's been here for my entire life. Then elementary school started and people picked on me and that escalated in middle school. That made for a very miserable childhood, but I always could hide in my fantasy world. Then came high school when I actually gained some "respect" and friends and I've found my niche, yet I still daydream out of sheer boredom.
Mine started in 6th grade but i always been bullied. I don't think that's how it started though.
Age 11.
i was always playing with myself or imaginary friends when i was young. But when it really escalated and became solid MD is when i was about 11-12, is sixth grade.
i was 9 or 10.
I was around 4 years old.  I was living with my grandmother, father, uncle, aunt, and sister.  My father was overbearing and unrealistic in his statements to us and my uncle had started molesting me.  My sister and I had just recently left off living with mom because of her severe depression and struggle to support us resulted in her having a breakdown.


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