Hey guys, wen I daydream I have have music playing, but it has to be on my iPod so that only I'm listening to it. I have it really loud too. Yesterday I noticed my ears were ringing, like wen uv been in a club or at a party and your ears are left ringing afterwards. 

My ears usually do ring straight after iv turned my ipod off but this usually stops after a short while. But fir the past 2 days my ears have been ringing constantly. I have been excessively day dreaming over the last week or so, which would explain it but I'm concerned in causing massive damage to my ears.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Nic xx

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Be careful.   I suggest you find a new way to daydream.  I hear tinnitus is not a fun thing to live with.
I've read that you should let your ears "rest" with long periods of silence after loud concerts and such. I agree that you should start weaning yourself to softer music or maybe some higher quality earbuds that block out other noise will let you turn the volume down while still giving you the same feeling. I sometimes sing along too loud to music that my eardrums buzz, I really am trying to stop so that I don't have to live with hearing damage one day.
Loud music can DEFINITELY damage your ears.  Be careful.  It's not worth living with permanent damage just to daydream.  It can lead to tinnitus and even hearing loss.  Please, please, please turn down the music before you do permanent damage.
Thanks for your replies ladies. Uv confirmed what I was thinking. My ears are still ringing, so I'm going to try to not listen to any music at all for a while n hope the ringing stops. 

Thanks for your help xx


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