Hello guys, I m a daydreamer. It's been 5 yrs I m dealing with this shit. Recently my life situations became horribly traumatic. Nd MD doubled it. I m now struggling with excessive stress. I rarely taking 2-3 hrs sleep. All time MD occupies my mind. My situations are very worst I can't do about it. Nd due to MD it becoming more horrible. Nd due to all this I felt light headache nd slight shivering in my body whole day. Even i felt my body shiver when I were sleeping. Plzz help me suggest me what I can do to overcome it. U guys are only hope. Plzzz I m soo tensed. I m scared of. I don't want to become insane. I don't have the courage to deal with another disorder.

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Do you have access to mental health counseling? This can help a lot, I think. I realize that this isn't an option for everybody. Other things that have helped for me: Being around people (it's harder to daydream with other people), staying active and busy with projects (work, drawing, music, ect). Also, trying to learn to be present and mindful has helped me a lot. Yoga has helped a ton with this skill. 

A book suggestion: Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. She talk a lot about mindfullness, being present and developing self compassion. 

Good luck!

I agree 100% with nicole Lion's advice. Even though it may seem as though you are in an inescapable trap of MD, I believe that one day you WILL become completely free of MD and life the real life you have always wanted to live. If it's extremely difficult to even resist a few minutes without daydreaming, I would highly suggest practicing daily habits in real life that can serve as anchors against the wild winds of MD. Journaling your experiences daily, whether it be on this website or in a notebook, even if it's just a few sentences a day, can be an excellent way to track your progress in overcoming MD and allow you to recognize certain factors and situations that may make you more susceptible to daydreaming. Exercising, developing a new hobby, and getting in contact with more people can also help tremendously. For me, even just going to public spots more often and interacting with grocery store or retail employees and asking them simple questions was a huge and effective first step. As you begin to develop yourself in real life, push your boundaries, and overcome your previous fears, you will begin to become more fulfilled from your real life and as a result feel less compelled to daydream. As for your current sleep issue, I would recommend looking into mindful breathing and beginning to practice that for five minutes a night. What I do is sit cross legged, and I begin to breathe deeply and fully. I then try my absolute hardest to focus on my breath, and notice the air coming in and out of my nose and expanding and compressing my lungs. I don't mind at all if my mind goes a million directions and even daydreams, as long as it is also focusing on my breath. Even though this practice may seem pointless at first, over time it will allow you to become more present and grounded in real life and make stepping away from daydreams easier and less painful. I wish you the absolute best of luck and I know that things will get better!

Do you have trouble with something in your life, or specifically with daydreaming?

For me, daydreaming can help with stressful situations. Try having a very very relaxing daydream. For example, if i cannot sleep, i imagine someone holding me and telling me everything is alright and we are calming down now. Kind of like a good parent would do for a child, but now you do it yourself in your mind.

I think stopping or at least controling mdaydreaming is important and this website has some excellent info how to help. But when life is really stressful, sometimes it's too hard to stop completely. I say if you cant stop Mdaydreaming for the moment, at least try to make it positive and calming.

Mental health counceling can take you a little bit off this hole. Seeing a shrink and taking medication may ease your MD. Also, something that worked for me is meditation. It is not simple to learn but easier than most people think. I recommend an app called Headspace. Also, I agree that qeitinh a journal can be very helpful, although right know I don’t aply this advice in mt life due to a lack of discipline.
You will overcome this moment of your life, stay strong!


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