The more I think about it the less I think DD is the problem. DD is the symptom, the strategy to hide the real problem.

I have write about taking back feelings from DD to reality. I have been working with it for years. It was important, but not enough.

So no I am trying a new strategy:

1- Do not ask what the world is asking you, ask what you have to give nobody will never ask.

2- Do not ask if somebody care for you ask who you realy care for.

I think about it as being to of the same thing, not beeing an actor in your life, being the one who write scenario. I mean a lot of think is waited from you. And you can't ignore it or you can't ignore people who care for you. But there is more.

What the word will never ask you is what only you can do, what only you know about. And as I begynn to think that I am effraid people will not like me if I am different of what they expect. So I try rule nr.2 but it is not an easy one.

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Pascale, I quite agree with you that for some of us, DD is only a facade behind the other problems that we may or may not acknowledge. It is a good idea to make use of one's own rules to adjust to the real world, however the motivation to do so is an entirely different matter. It is rather difficult to stick to the rules when DD seems more appealing to escape into. It's all about self-control, which I really need to grasp to combat DD.


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