Does anyone have severe motivational problems with MD?

Like not being married/dating, not where your careers is, to thin/fat because you haven't hit the gym?

I recently read that daydreaming demotivates people because it gives them unrealistic expectations for their work.

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Yeah, I know what I'm going to be cause I don't have much of a choice, but I can see the motivational aspect a little but, but not a whole lot.

Definitely. I managed to stop once for a period of around three months and lost 10kg. When I started again, I gained all that weight back and then some. My University work is also suffering. I have zero motivation to go to lectures and have been getting emails from the Uni about missing lectures. Kinda putting that into the back of mind for now - gotten good at that tbh. I used to be a good student, like perfect scores across the board but I just did my University exams and I know they went horribly. 

So the answer to your question is a big fat yes. 


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