Have you ever fell in love with one of your daydream characters? This has happened to me before and I felt so weird because I knew he wasn't real and yet I wouldn't give him up. And I don't mean someone in real life you put into your dream, I mean someone you completely made up.

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When I was younger, I definitely did. I daydreamed about book or movie characters when I was younger, like in middle school and into high school, and I became so obsessed with this one character that it scares me to think about it now. I don't really know what went on or how it happened, but I spent all my time wishing he was real and feeling miserable because he wasn't. This went on for a few years. It's faded now, I have real relationships.
Yes. I have 6 daydreams that I "visit" on a regular basis, and one of them is me, a made-up girlfriend, her family, and the friends that we would have. In this daydream we start a counterculture together (similar to the grunge culture) that alters the zeitgeist of America. The person that I'm in love with has changed dramatically a few times over the years, but she is always a non-white (I'm white, and I have a few semi-racist relatives, so I always feel a sense of vindication thinking that my girlfriend would be non-white).

All the time! They're never perfect, but they're mine, you know? But it makes me wonder how it will effect my relationships in the future. How is anyone supposed to live up to my wild imagination? :P



Absolutely!  In all of my daydream scenarios I have a love interest and I develop very deep feelings for them.  Like several others have previously mentioned in this thread, my characters are all flawed in some fashion, and this makes them more "real" to me.  I've never been someone who envisions the stereotypical perfect white knight who comes and rescues me from the doldrums of my life.  That just doesn't work for me because it's not believable (yes, I fully recognize the irony in using the word "believable" when referencing a daydream).  

Sometimes I become quite despondent when reality sets in and I am forced to acknowledge that the man I love isn't real.  Over the years, I've endured several painful break-ups (I know - who hasn't?) and as a result have become more withdrawn; less trusting.   I figure if I don't put myself out there, I won't have to have that constant anxiety that my partner will hurt me.  Yes, I realize this logic is neither helpful nor productive, but it's where I'm at right now.  At this time, I feel like the men in my daydreams are enough, although I don't believe I'd turn away a flesh and blood man if they presented themselves. 

My daydream is centered around my relationship with a made-up man.  And the thought of giving him up sounds like a real death. 


I've even talked with my made-up husband about how I need to get back to my real life.  See you later.


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