Hey I'm new here ... but how do you guys do it? ... keep yourself from going into ur imaginary world when your real world feel like c***?

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Honestly I just put myself into a situation where I can’t daydream, so probably out in public. But it is really hard and I usually can’t control them
It used to be multiple times every day and then for other issues, both my psychiatrist and therapist told me I would greatly benefit from an Emotional Support Animal and very specifically a dog and honestly, it's helped so much. I didn't realize until recently that it helps the daydreams become less frequent. I think just having a dog right next to me whenever I'm home by myself or at night is really grounding and helpful.
Do you take any medication that might help?
The things that have helped me are exercise, placing myself in new social situations, distraction (ie I listen to podcasts a lot), avoiding being myself,
admitting to people I'm feeling down and avoiding triggers (pretty much all the Internet!) It doesn't always work, some days I'm back to square one again. But I keep a diary so I can chart my progress and I know even little improvements are a triumph of a kind.

I don't have a therapist or anything, so it's up to me to discipline myself, which, of course, seldom works. Aside from avoiding triggers, I try to think what I really want when I daydream-- i.e. attention, feeling accepted, confidence, emotional release, intimacy, etc., and why I have such a hard time feeling these things in my own body. But it still takes a LOT of willpower to stop in the middle of an episode and analyze. Regardless, I still feel a small sense of pride every time I manage it.


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