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Describe your personality and behaviour around groups of people and describe it alone in complete privacy? How about with music you love and scenes to movies you love

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To be blunt, I am a very quiet person around everyone. Around groups, I can't get a smart word in edgewise in other people's conversations. I haven't been a Chatty Carlie in quite a while, and I mean literally. I'm very introvert too and at most times, I just sit there and think. People notice less and less that I exist. I want to change all this, but don't know how. I'm even wondering if it's too late — and it's going to stay that way. I'm not a weirdo. I just haven't explained myself that much since I was 12 years old. I was a very shy kid. Everybody I used to know misunderstood me and neglected me too. I have very, very few friends. In fact, I have a couple girlfriends who I rarely ever see.

I enjoy dramatic CGI scenes in films adapted after classic books, such as J.K. Rowling and the Grimm Brothers. I also like nail biting scenes in classic science fiction and horror movies. I enjoy big laugh your butt off moments in comedies. As for Drama...only thing is, I not good at sad romantic movies. *Niagara falls*

Yeah, I know how you feel about dealing with authoritative people. I have a younger sister who is 3.5 years my junior, but she acts like my older sibling. She plays second banana to my mom's role in the house, so she tends to jerk me around and tell me what to do. It's as if she thinks I have no brain in my head. She kind of inherited our grandmother's mannerisms; my mother's mom was bitchy and terrible.

My mom doesn't look at me like an adult, she looks at me like her child. So, she prevents and talks me out of doing external things that I can actually commit to at my age—such as visiting a night club. I happen to still live with her, by the way. She even wants to know where I'm going, if I feel like heading out, especially when the weather is crap. So, she tells me to bundle up or wait until the rain goes away.

Overall, I blame it on myself for doing very well in school and forgetting that it's a tough economy out there. I wouldn't be dealing with these family issues if I could afford to leave the house.

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