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I'm pretty new to this whole MD thing. I mean I've known I was different ever since I can remember, but I only just discovered that I have MD. Telling my Parents has been the hardest thing in the world. Its like they don't understand or recognize it. My mum gets angry every time I try to talk to her and explain it. She makes me feel so ashamed and disappointing. Its like they listen but don't hear or they hear but they don't listen. I was wondering how all of you told your parents and if they supported you or not?

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I told my mom about a little less than 1 year ago (about a month or so after I first learned I had MD). I never really told her something that serious and she did try to help, but she didn't give any useful advice and did not understand what was going on. So, a year later my MD had gotten much worse, but she has seemed to completely forgotten about it, even though I have a quite obvious problem if they would look up the symptoms of a mental problem. I haven't told anyone since or mentioned anything to her or my father.
:P kinda sucks Hope your situation gets better though

My parents know that I have it but I don't think they know what it actually is x 

I'm sorry that your parents aren't getting it or being supportive and I hope that changes soon, for now though, at least you can come to places like this where people will understand it x

Personally, I haven't told them and figure that if they want to know why I'm so spacey all the time, they'll have to ask me straight up. My sister claims to have Borderline Personality Disorder (undiagnosed) and when she tried to explain it to my parents they basically told her that she needs to deal with life but they did set her up with monthly appointments to a counselor. I don't think that I want my parents to think 'oh she's just trying to get attention' so I'mma sit back and see if they really notice my spaciness, and, at the same time, I don't want to lose my MD, I like being able to flee from reality whenever my heart so desires. Do you guys also feel kinda caught up on whether you would rather lose or keep your MD if you had the choice?

I definitely feel caught up on that yes, because daydreaming is just so much fun and it's more fun than anything I actually do. I love the feeling when a new idea or plot point comes into my mind and I get so excited and want to daydream about it immediately.  But I know that I really need to stop because it affecting my grades and my real life badly. And I don't want to screw my real life up. Quite a few people with MD end up being quite isolated in reality for most of their lives. Like something I read recently online, posted by a 60 year old lady who had just found out that MD was a thing and that she's struggled with it all her life, she wrote about how she's spent most of her life lonely because of it and isolated and I just so don't want my life to go that way.

Also, I think doctors and people who work with mental health need to raise a lot of awareness about it because most people who have it probably don't know for a long time that what they're doing even has a name, or that other people do it too.


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