Hi, guys, here is a question for you: do any of you have thought patterns that feel like daydreams but that aren't based on stories?  It sounds like most of you have daydreams that are based on stories, with characters and plot lines.  Most of mine are like that, too, and since the story-based-daydreams seem the most unusual, they are what originally brought me to this website.  However, since learning about MD, I have begun to suspect that some of my other thought patterns might be a different type of daydream.
Often, I will talk to myself, monologuing about real-life subjects that I am interested in.   For example, I often talk to myself about my favorite novels or academic subjects. What makes me think that these are abnormal daydreams is that I sometimes pace while doing this, just like with my other daydreams, and I have some of the same conversations over and over again, about topics that I am really excited about.  These are usually conversations that I would probably not ever have in real life because they are so nerdy and obsessive the no one would want to listen to me; I think I enjoy talking to myself because I don't interrupt myself and I can go off on all sort of rabbit-trails and still completely understand myself.  I sometimes just talk to the air, and other times imagine that I am talking to someone I know in real-life. However, I never imagine myself talking the the fictional characters from my other daydreams.  Maybe this are just my way of venting since I am a quiet person who doesn't talk a lot normally.  Maybe these are normal thought patterns that everyone has on occasion and just never talks about; I don't know, probably not.  The solution to this is probably just for me to get a social life so I can actually talk to other people.  What do you all think?  Do you have daydreams like this?  Do you think they are really MD daydreams?

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Oh wow. I'm glad other people do this. I find DDs like this are brilliant because they are a nice breather from my usual characters and stories. I don't count them as DDs really, it's just my mind when it's in its normal state, DDing about boring things.


I know this sounds weird but sometimes I dd that I'm in the shower, washing my hair. It takes me forever to wash my hair in real life because it's so long and I'm a bit OCD about it. So I just DD about that and see it as like meditation. I feel so clean afterwards (I should probably just actually go in the shower to feel clean though.)


I am ALWAYS daydreaming about being interviewed as well. I'm sure I'm a narcissist, the amount of attention I give myself in my own head.

I usually don't have my DDs to stories... i mean the characters are sometimes borrowed from them, and sometimes from real life. But the scenario is usually always original. Often there is no scenario as well and it serves to use the physical environment I am currently in with just an excess of characters who to the real world do not exist. Ya, I have talked to them often and discussed things I have no one to talk to... its definitely a part of MD, but trust me; it is much more productive than what many of the others complain about. I have more than once, turned this habit of mine to help in my works; or find company in things I would otherwise do alone. I have even recently tried to use these characters to support me against this consistent MD problem, and that has really worked better than I could expect. I have had a lot of discussions with them as well, quite often; nothing in particular... just the things I would discuss about if I had a couple of friends with me all the time. And that really often help me understand things better (I know the imaginations can't help me understand, but it is helpful to believe they are there)...
Oh definitely! I hardly ever stop daydreaming, so it's just when I have time to relax and not do anything is when I base my dreams around a story or plot. I constantly have some sort of monologue or conversation going on in the back of my mind.

Yep, me to. Often when I'm driving, Like today i was driving along having a conversation out loud analysing a movie that was made from a book I love. I'm so glad for modern technology because in the past if anyone saw me talking to myself alone in my car they would think I'm nuts, but now they must just assume I have hands-free. lol.

The shower is also another place I am prone to this, but not out loud because other people would hear.

Or sometimes when I;m doing something like cooking, or drawing, I'll have a kind of ongoing monologue in my head as if I'm telling someone what I'm doing as I do it. Like I'm a teacher or something.

weird stuff, but so glad I'm not alone.



Yeah, I do this a lot. The only trouble is, I normally have one half of the conversation in my head and the other half out loud when I do this. My mum doesn't have MD (I don't think) and I once told her about having half a random conversation in my head and the other half out loud (although nothing that would give away my MD, I'm too much of a coward for that) and she just said "O-K then..." in that way people do when you tell them women live longer than men because women tend to wear brighter colours (I have done this as well!)

The good thing about this is that I understand everything I say, I laugh at all my jokes and inside jokes (I have a lot of these, especially from school. School is one funny place with the people in my classes...) and I don't interrupt myself and make myself forget what I was about to say, unless I start story-line-DDing.

Sometimes when my brain runs out of ideas of how my DD me can rebel today for stuff to do in my DDs, I describe my DD me instead. Sometimes I use some of the many simile/metaphor things I have made up for my character. Sometimes I just have a love scene between me and my DD boyfriend. This often involves my very very weird fetish (you probably don't want to know what it is), when he is telling me how he is in love with this guy but still loves me (don't know why, I mean the guy did try to kill him... with a stone... that my DD me nicknames 'The Vampire Stone'...), and once when... well, it didn't get to that point, but, as we were about to do something that I probably shouldn't say on this forum, my mum (in real life) called me for dinner. I made myself laugh with what I thought afterwards. If you want to know, message me. It was random.

I'll stop boring everyone to death now  < P


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