I have been a maladaptive daydreamer since I was 7 years old. I never had much friends, and I am depressed most of the time. I have no idea how to get rid of this problem

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Hey Jacob
I don't think any of us here really know how to get rid of this problem, but we all most definitely are here for any help, support or advice. The problem with MDD is, it's different with everyone, so what works for me doesn't have to work for you. You could go for professional help; but even if you don't, like I said before, we're all here, and what is more, we all understand what you're going through.

Hey I think most of here are linke that Jacob, you are among friends

Yeah i think most of us can relate to that because most of DD begain in childhood so it became a lifestyle to live alone even when u have friends ..but dont worry you will eventually change most of times try to find some people who have same passions try having some good time in real life just two things i learned from my personal life : keep your expectation at minimum so u will see the progress andnot get depressed and dont tryto change  the world try to adapt to adapt but not become like them ofcourse because sometimes when we get depressed we think everyone is bad :) hope i help 

I think most of us are that way since we live in isolation most of our lives. I really think that social anxiety is part of the disorder. Maybe making online friends will help you feel more at ease.

Hey Jacob, I think it helps if you do not try to solve both issues at the same time. Focus on making friends, do activities you like so that you can find people you can become friends with. Keep the issue of daydreaming on the side as it is not necessarily a barrier to making friends unless you allow it to be. Once you have a better social life, daydreaming will gradually take less time of your day. It may not go away but what's more important is that you establish connections with people and feel better. 

Yes, I am the same way. The only people I talk to are online. I go out rarely. Much of my life has been spent daydreaming. 

anyone who got any solution of this Day Dreams problem....????

all we day dreamers have almost same problem...like we want to live alone,most of time we keep silence among people, we couldn't handle our matters properly..............but in dreams we see ourselves the best one from others


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